Our Menu - Chef's Specialities

Payal Shank

Medium, hot. Lamb shank marinated overnight with a fresh ground spices, yoghurt, coriander and covered with minced lamb and baby potatoes. Cooked in slow oven.

Chef's Special £10.95

Crocodile Tears

Barbecued chicken tikka cooked with mustard seeds, garlic & ginger, served sizzling on a bed of spinach leaves in a medium sauce.

Chef's Special £9.95

Ampthill Fusion

Masala & Balti both mixed and combined into a fusion. A dish for all masala and balti lovers, medium.

Chef's Special £8.95

Dampak Chicken

Spicy tender chicken breast stuffed with spinach, onions and aromatic spices, Medium hot.

Chef's Special £8.95

Karachi Lamb Chops

Lamb chops prepared in the tandoori, cooked in thick spicy sauce with finely chopped red onions, plum tomatoes and shallow fried garlic.

Chef's Special £8.50

Railway Chop Curry

Despite the unusual sounding name this is an authentic indian recipe with spring lamb chops and potato. Being on the bone this is a particularly tasty dish with coconut milk and medium spices.

Chef's Special £7.95

Dahl Chicken

This exciting dish is a must for all curry lovers. The chicken tikka is tossed in a unique spicy yoghurt sauce, which is full of flavour and aroma. Highly recommended.

Chef's Special £7.95

Tandoori Chappa Chicken

Tandoori Chicken off the bone, cooked in spicy bhuna sauce, with tomato, onion and capsicum. Medium.

Chef's Special £7.95

Chicken Pahari

Chicken tikka cooked in splashes of lemon juice in a medium hot sauce with garlic, tomatoes, garnished with freshly fried sliced mushrooms.

Chef's Special £7.95

Misti Kodu Chicken or Lamb

Butternut squash cooked in delicate sauce with pinch of selected Bangladeshi herbs & spices (Medium).

Chef's Special £7.95

Chicken/Lamb Joypuri

Freshly diced chicken/lamb cooked with button mushrooms, green peppers, shallots and coriander in a medium hot sauce.

Chef's Special £7.95

Bombay Chicken

Boneless pieces of chicken breast and fresh potatoes cooked with delicate spices in a medium sauce.

Chef's Special £7.95

Ghosht Laziz

Tender pieces of lamb, finely chopped and cooked in an exuberant selection of spices.

Chef's Special £7.95

Handi Gosht

A different combination of spices is used to create this aromatic dish inspired by the Punjabs love for spicy lamb. The yoghurt added gives this dish depth and texture.

Chef's Special £7.95

Naga chicken or lamb

Cooked with herbs & spices with Bangladeshi Naga Chilli

Chef's Special £7.95

Hari Hari Chicken

Barbecued chicken cooked with onions, capsicum, mint sauce, in medium thick bhuna sauce.

Chef's Special £7.50

Achari Chicken/Meat

Back by popular demand the unique blend of achari spices used makes this a very pungent and mouth watering dish.

Chef's Special £7.50

Chicken or Lamb Mirchi Masala

Pieces of succulent chicken or lamb cooked in a hyderabadi chilli sauce with onions, ginger, garlic and tomatoes.

Chef's Special £7.50

Daal Chicken

Chana doal is used to make a delicious home-style cooking dish. This dish is cooked in Indian homes up & down the country.

Chef's Special £7.50

Chicken Tikka Gastoba

This dish is cooked with marinated chicken tikka with a fairly hot thick creamy sauce.

Chef's Special £7.50

Kofta Aloo Masala

Spicy meat balls served with bombay aloo in a thick masala sauce, a recommendation for all meat ball lovers.

Chef's Special £6.95

Murghi Chorley

Chicken tikka pieces cooked in a spicy chana masala sauce with ginger and garlic.

Chef's Special £7.50

Mughlia Kebab

Freshly grilled kebabs are tossed into a thick spicy sauce. The tender kebabs melt in the mouth leaving behind a spicy after taste.

Chef's Special £7.50

Deshi Keema Homemade style

Minced Iamb cooked with fresh spring onion, garlic, ginger and in a special bhuna sauce.

Chef's Special £7.50

Garlic Chicken or Lamb Tikka

Grilled chicken or lamb medium spiced cooked with garlic flavour sauce.

Chef's Special £7.25

Goan Chicken Curry

Medium hot curry, founded in Goa served with fresh cloves of garlic, ginger and fresh green chillies.

Chef's Special £6.95

Kofta Aloo Masala

Spicy meat balls served with bombay aloo in a thick masala sauce, a recommendation for all meat ball lover.

Chef's Special £6.95

We do not buy frozen meat like other establishments in the area
but only use fresh meat brought from a family run butchers.
All of our chicken dishes are prepared from breast meat.
Any dish not on the menu can be prepared on request.
The management reserves the right to refuse service without giving any reasons.
We would welcome any suggestions you may have on improving our service.
All major credit cards are accepted. We do not accept cheques.
All prices are inclusive of VAT.
Food Allergies - If you suffer from any food allergies, i.e. nuts or dairy products etc,
please let us know before placing your order.

Enjoy your meal

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